Convention Recording

If it's worth having, it's worth saving !



We specialize in digital or analog audio recording and duplication of

Conferences, Workshops, Convention and Seminars.


For Your Convention or Event We Will . . .

  • Prepare and print customized order forms.
  • Prepare and print labels on your CDs.
  • Coordinate with your meeting facility to insure the best possible recording.
  • Transport all necessary personnel, equipment and materials to the site of your event.
  • Facilitate all on-site sales.
  • Fill all orders placed during and after your event.
  • Provide camera-ready copy of order forms for your publications.
  • Pay service charges for all credit card sales.
  • Pay all travel and hotel accommodations for our personnel.

As The SPONSOR You Will . . .

  • Obtain releases from your speakers.
  • Provide 2 - six foot draped tables and two chairs near the main meeting room and/or registration area.
  • Inform your participants in your confirmation letter and/or conference program book that professional recordings of the programs are being made and can be ordered.
  • Provide space in your publication for order form, after the meeting.

Find out if you qualify for FREE Convention Recording

Whether you need just a couple copies of a program or tens of thousands, we can do it.   We also do complete product development, media duplication, labeling, packaging and fulfillment of orders.Call or email us with the following information: Your Name,Company or Group, Phone, Address, Date of Event, Location of Event, Number of Attendees expected, agenda, and any other information you think will be helpful.

Contact Information

When you go to all the effort to put on a great convention or other event, it is worth the small effort to preserve it.  Start early by contacting Michael Jensen for details.



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